The early rounds of the NFL draft are often seen as the most important, dealing with the top-ranked prospects. A plethora of well-known Pro Football Hall of Famers arose from those early picks, including notable names such as Troy Aikman, Barry Sanders and John Elway.

But history has shown that greatness can come from unexpected places. A number of Hall of Famers have come from late rounds of the draft or even went undrafted.

Here is a list of all of the late-round draft picks who have made it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame starting, with Round 22 all the way to Round 7. We also have a list of the undrafted free agents in the Hall of Fame:

Round 22

Roosevelt Brown, T, New York Giants

Round 21

John Madden, T, Philadelphia Eagles

Round 20

Raymond Berry, E, Baltimore Colts

Round 19

Andy Robustelli, DE, Los Angeles Rams

Round 18

Chris Hanburger, LB, Washington

Round 17

Arnie Weinmeister, E, Brooklyn Tigers

Bart Starr, QB, Green Bay Packers

Round 15

Willie Davis, DE, Cleveland Browns

Round 14

David “Deacon” Jones, DE, Los Angeles Rams

Round 13

Nick Buoniconti, LB, Boston Patriots

Round 12

Dante Lavelli, E, Los Angeles Rams

George Blanda, QB, Chicago Bears

Round 11

Tom Fears, E, Cleveland Rams

Round 10

Jackie Smith, TE, St. Louis Cardinals

Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Round 9

Dan Fortmann, G, Chicago Bears

Tony Canadeo, HB, Green Bay Packers

Johnny Unitas, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Don Maynard, WR-HB, New York Giants

Ken Houston, S, Houston Oilers

Round 8

Wayne Millner, E, Boston

Leroy Kelly, RB, Cleveland Browns

Richard Dent, DE, Chicago Bears

Round 7

Jim Ringo, C, Green Bay Packers

Joe Schmidt, LB, Detroit Lions

Gene Hickerson, G, Cleveland Browns

Bobby Mitchell, HB, Cleveland Browns

Larry Wilson, DB, St. Louis Cardinals

Bobby Bell, LB, Dallas Texans

Bob Hayes, WR, Dallas Cowboys

Rayfield Wright, T, Dallas Cowboys

Harold Carmichael, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Shannon Sharpe, TE, Denver Broncos


Ed Sprinkle, DE, Chicago Bears

  • Draft year: 1944

  • HOF induction year: 2020

Frank Gatski, C, Cleveland Browns

  • Draft year: 1946

  • HOF induction year: 1985

Lou Groza, T/K, Cleveland Browns

  • Draft year: 1946

  • HOF induction year: 1974

Marion Motley, FB, Cleveland Browns

  • Draft year: 1946

  • HOF induction year: 1968

Bill Willis, MG, Cleveland Browns

  • Draft year: 1946

  • HOF induction year: 1977

Joe Perry, FB, San Francisco 49ers

  • Draft year: 1948

  • HOF induction year: 1969

Emlen Tunnell, S, New York Giants

  • Draft year: 1948

  • HOF induction year: 1967

Jack Butler, CB, Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Draft year: 1951

  • HOF induction year: 2012

Dick “Night Train” Lane, CB, Los Angeles Rams

  • Draft year: 1952

  • HOF induction year: 1974

Willie Wood, S, Green Bay Packers

  • Draft year: 1960

  • HOF induction year: 1989

Mick Tingelhoff, C, Minnesota Vikings

  • Draft year: 1962

  • HOF induction year: 2015

Willie Brown, CB, Houston Oilers

  • Draft year: 1963

  • HOF induction year: 1984

Emmitt Thomas, CB, Kansas City Chiefs

  • Draft year: 1966

  • HOF induction year: 2008

Larry Little, G, San Diego Chargers

  • Draft year: 1967

  • HOF induction year: 1993

Cliff Harris, S, Dallas Cowboys

  • Draft year: 1970

  • HOF induction year: 2020

Jim Langer, C, Cleveland Browns

  • Draft year: 1970

  • HOF induction year: 1987

Drew Pearson, WR, Dallas Cowboys

  • Draft year: 1973

  • HOF induction year: 2021

Donnie Shell, S, Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Draft year: 1974

  • HOF induction year: 2020

Warren Moon, QB, Houston Oilers

  • Draft year: 1984

  • HOF induction year: 2006

Sam Mills, LB, New Orleans Saints

  • Draft year: 1986

  • HOF induction year: 2022

John Randle, DT, Minnesota Vikings

  • Draft year: 1990

  • HOF induction year: 2010

Kurt Warner, QB, St. Louis Rams

  • Draft year: 1998

  • HOF induction year: 2017

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