Each Thursday during the 2023 MLB season, we will have a trio of baseball trivia questions for you to mull over. It’s a break from the norm in our fantasy baseball coverage, and we hope you will take part and enjoy every week.

We’ve got stolen bases on the mind this week, as the bigger bases and restrictions on throws to first base have certainly had an impact on the game already. Through Wednesday’s action, the Baltimore Orioles lead the majors with 11 stolen bases. Last season, the team had just 12 steals for the entire month of April. I think this SB thing just might stick.

Anyway, in the spirit of fun, we offer up to you our weekly Thursday Trivia. Three questions are before you. Three answers are required. We’re on the honor system here, so please no searching the internet for the answers. You just might be surprised at how much you actually remember!

Question 1

In 2009, what member of the Philadelphia Phillies established the MLB record for most steals in a single season without getting caught?

Question 2

Who was the last MLB player to steal six bases in a single game, also in 2009, although this speedster was playing in the AL East?

Question 3

On the flip side of the coin, what “blink and you’ll miss him” player, who debuted with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2005, is the not-so-proud possessor of the MLB record for futility with the most career stolen base attempts without ever being successful?

Take your time and think about your answers, and when you’re ready to see if you’re right, click here.

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