Super Bowl XXXIV 1999: St Louis Rams

D’Marco Farr, DT “I remember walking into the Ritz
Carlton [to receive the rings] … Robert Wuhl, the guy that did Arli$$ on HBO, is our emcee, so he’s going
through the whole spiel, and I’m kind of listening, but kind of not, because we’re half drunk and getting
drunker as the night goes on. As a matter of fact, one of my teammates, who I won’t name, was right behind me
and he went from sitting upright to leaning, to on the ground before Robert Wuhl finished the whole spiel, and
then he threw up on my shoe. So we got the rings, it was awesome, we opened them up, and it was like ‘Wow,
here it is.’ You won, this is official, it’s solid and they can never take that away. We finished that
ceremony around 9 p.m., and by midnight, that was the only thing I had on.”

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