The case for betting on the Los Angeles Chargers and Justin Herbert for MVP

The case for betting on the Los Angeles Chargers and Justin Herbert for MVP post thumbnail image

Best case: The Chargers might have the best roster in the entire NFL. Herbert already being one of the top five QBs in the game while still on a rookie deal allows them to do so. Hello, Khalil Mack. Hi there, J.C. Jackson. Brandon Staley also demanded that Tom Telesco shore up the Chargers’ awful run defense with solid players like Sebastian Joseph-Day, Austin Johnson, Morgan Fox and Kyle Van Noy. The offense has just one weakness, at RT, but the other four spots on the OL look strong. If Herbert directs the Chargers to the top of this all-time difficult division … he’s going to be hard to overlook for league MVP.

Worst case: Well… This is the Chargers. They haven’t really been known for living up to expectations and excitement. Perhaps the players brought in will do little to upgrade the run defense. Perhaps the hole at RT is too much to overcome on offense. And perhaps the wildly difficult schedule in the AFC West will prove too daunting.

Betting spin: I’m not scared to buy into the Chargers despite what recent history has shown. I believe Herbert has the ability to be the best QB in this division — yes, even better than Mahomes. I think Staley is a smart, rising star as a head coach in this league. I love that they have pushed the chips all-in to fully leverage the advantage of Herbert’s rookie contract. I think this team can absolutely win the Super Bowl.

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