2022 MLB Mock Draft 3.0 — Kiley McDaniel predicts the first two rounds

2022 MLB Mock Draft 3.0 — Kiley McDaniel predicts the first two rounds post thumbnail image

The 2022 MLB draft is just days away, and it’s time for my third mock draft projecting the full 80-pick first day of this year’s event.

The draft will take place from July 17-19 in Los Angeles, and I’d estimate that later Friday and Saturday is when the final useful information will trickle out (day of buzz is useless misdirection), which will lead into a final Mock 3.1 here on Sunday morning. Right now, teams are finalizing plans and putting out feelers about expectations with agents, with numbers and more concrete plans left for the weekend.

This is the order in which I think the picks will come off the board, while my rankings (linked below) is the order in which I’d pick the players.

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Watch MLB draft: Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN

1. Baltimore Orioles

Druw Jones, CF, Wesleyan HS (GA), Vanderbilt commit

The buzz has been consistent for a couple weeks now that Jones would be a full-freight option here, and Termarr Johnson is the most likely of the other options because he’d come with the biggest discount due to likely slipping to the sixth pick if he doesn’t go here. I’ve been saying I think it’s roughly a ⅔ chance of Jones and ⅓ chance of “other,” with Johnson the overwhelming choice, but Jackson Holliday (likely priced between Jones and Johnson) also mentioned as the other leading candidate. The savings to use later in the draft by going with Johnson could be $2 million or more and, at that point, even I would entertain taking my second-rated player (Johnson) instead of my top-rated player (Jones). Anyone outside of those three would be much harder to explain. The day they sign, I would have all three close on a top 100 of minor leaguers: Jones at 24th, Johnson at 30th and Holliday at 36th, with no one else in this class making the top 75.

This is extremely similar to the situation that landed the Astros SS Carlos Correa as the top overall pick in the 2012 draft when current Orioles GM Mike Elias was Houston’s scouting director. Correa signed for $2.4 million under slot and Houston used the savings to sign Lance McCullers as the No. 41 pick.

The two factors that will help dictate this decision for Elias is 1) what’s the gap in his mind between Johnson and Jones and 2) who does he think he could land with that extra savings that may not be attainable otherwise?

You’d need a player that’s worth/demanding $3.5 million or more and can make it down the board to pick 33. A couple weeks ago, Oklahoma RHP Cade Horton was a candidate and still could be, but now it’s looking like he won’t get out of the middle of the first round. Illinois prep LHP Noah Schultz is seen as the played hardest to sign still in the draft pool, but he has the traits that Baltimore tends to like in pitchers, could get to their next pick and is a legitimate mid-first round talent in some scouts’ eyes.

Beyond those two, it gets hard to find a player for well over $3 million and then Baltimore, if they opt for savings at the first pick, would have trouble stringing together $2 million type players and have spent the bulk of their money by the top of the fourth round, when players of that caliber that are signable are usually all picked so it becomes a more challenging strategy. Some later pick targets include Gavin Turley, Jordan Beck (if he gets down there), and Ryan Cermak.

2. Arizona Diamondbacks

Jackson Holliday, SS, Stillwater HS (OK), Oklahoma State commit

I think the D-backs really want Druw Jones to get here and could do their best to make that happen, financially speaking. If he doesn’t, it looks like Holliday would be the pick. It’s long been rumored Brooks Lee is a cut-rate option here and I think Elijah Green is still being considered as well, but I would wager that it’s Jones or Holliday in the end.

3. Texas Rangers

Kevin Parada, C, Georgia Tech

As with Arizona, I think Texas also wants Druw Jones and Jackson Holliday to this pick and the Rangers may also do what they can to make that more likely. I think Texas will be happy with Parada here, and Elijah Green is the only other name I’ve heard connected to this pick.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates

Cam Collier, 3B, Chipola JC (FL)

This is where the picks get harder to handicap. I think Pittsburgh would take Druw Jones, Jackson Holliday or Kevin Parada if they get here, and one of them would if Termarr Johnson goes first. Parada may seem like an odd pick after taking another college catcher first overall last year, but with robo umps likely coming, a universal DH already here and Henry Davis/Parada both being hit-first guys with some chance to contribute at other positions, it feels like a modern approach to the position to keep both guys fresh.

Beyond those three, Collier seems like the leading candidate. He’ll likely go No. 7 or 8 if he doesn’t go here, so that would come with small savings, if any. Campbell SS Zach Neto is gaining late steam and would come with much bigger savings. I tend to think if Baltimore takes Druw Jones, Pittsburgh wouldn’t have Jones/Holliday/Parada to choose from, so the Pirates could see an opportunity to take pole position in remaining pool money by doing a heavy underslot deal here — with Neto the likely candidate.

That seems less likely if Baltimore takes a cheaper option at the first pick, so think of that as either/or for Pittsburgh or Baltimore. The potential prize of having the biggest pool at their next pick for Pittsburgh would be a $3.5 million-ish type player (Brock Porter is a candidate along with the aforementioned Noah Schultz) that other teams likely couldn’t afford to take.

Elijah Green and (to a lesser degree) Cade Horton both have some buzz here, but I think Parada, Collier and Neto cover the various scenarios. If they’re playing it close to the slot value at their next pick, prep 2B Nick Morabito is a target.

5. Washington Nationals

Jacob Berry, RF, LSU

Washington has historically been keen to big upside swings with its first pick and that would seem to be screaming for Elijah Green here — but there hasn’t been much connecting the two at this point. It’s been all college bat talk and I think Parada is the preference, with Berry as the second option. Brooks Lee also makes some sense here.

6. Miami Marlins

Termarr Johnson, 2B, Mays HS (GA), Arizona State commit

If Druw Jones goes first, I think Termarr Johnson draws some interest at the No. 4 pick but will be on the outside looking in, and then he’ll land here — with the Cubs mad that they won’t get a shot at him. The Marlins also seem to, like every team, have interest in Jones, Holliday and Parada if they get here, with Jacob Berry also an option. If their board “blows up,” or all the players they want go right in front of them, I think we could see a surprise underslot move here, with some chatter they could go grab the first pitcher in the draft (Cade Horton? Connor Prielipp?) for savings, then look to spend those savings in their next two picks.

7. Chicago Cubs

Elijah Green, CF, IMG Academy HS (FL), Miami commit

As you may have noticed, Green makes some level of sense and is in the mix for almost all of the teams before this. He has possibly the highest upside of a draft prospect that I’ve ever seen but also some worrisome miss rates in showcase play. It’s a big gap between floor and ceiling and if he gets past this pick, I think the most likely landing spot is over slot to the Mets at the No. 11 pick which is about as far as he could fall.

Zach Neto and Connor Prielipp are underslot options here and the Cubs are hoping to get Cam Collier or Termarr Johnson, who both don’t make it in this scenario. I think they have interest in Brooks Lee here, but Green’s upside feels like a can’t-pass-it-up situation. I think they’d like to get Carson Whisenhunt at their second pick.

8. Minnesota Twins

Brooks Lee, 3B, Cal Poly

The Twins are basically sitting at the end of this tier and hoping for some kind of surprise before them so one player makes it down here. I think Lee is exactly that, and I’m not sure Minnesota would take Elijah Green if he’s the one from the top tier that got here — especially if he’s trying to get a few picks down the board to bigger money. The Twins are hoping for Cam Collier here and I think Gavin Cross is a consideration while Zach Neto is a longer-shot option. I think they’d like to get SS Eric Brown to their next pick at 48th overall and prep SS Demetrio Crisantes at a later pick.

9. Kansas City Royals

Gavin Cross, RF, Virginia Tech

This is where the next juncture of the draft really starts and there have been rumors galore on what the Royals could do here. They could take the first pitcher, it could be a prep pitcher, it could be Cade Horton, it could be the best available college hitter, it could be Justin Crawford on a deal, etc. I think this is also the area where the teams themselves still don’t know who they will take and are actively exploring options.

The Royals’ brass (all the way to the top) was in Omaha to see Horton at the College World Series, and I think he gets a long look from teams starting here and he probably goes by pick 15 because there’s so much interest. In a bad college pitching year, catching fire down the stretch in the biggest games. while also having a high school track record to match, seems to be the most marketable of the options. I’m looking at picks 9 and 10 together as both K.C. and Colorado are more traditional in style, and I think one of them would take Cross and the other Horton in this scenario. Later, the Royals are tied mostly to upside, making me think a cut option is also being explored here, with Gavin Turley and a number of prep arms like Jacob Miller.

10. Colorado Rockies

Cade Horton, RHP, Oklahoma

So Horton lands here. This is also the high water mark for Jordan Beck, though seemingly unlikely at this point. Colorado has kicked the tires on prep pitching here, with Brandon Barriera the most likely option of that group. I think they’ll consider the best available college hitter, as well. They are one of the hardest teams in the draft to handicap for a number of reasons and as of a few days ago, they weren’t sure what they were going to do, due to how the draft is expected to play out

11. New York Mets

Justin Crawford, CF, Bishop Gorman HS (NV), LSU commit

The rumors for months have been either Justin Crawford and Jett Williams on a deal, and with Elijah Green, Gavin Cross and Cade Horton off the board in this scenario, the options have dwindled a bit. I’ve got Crawford and Williams as the Mets’ two picks, but Dylan Lesko or Connor Prielipp (backup upside if Green doesn’t get here) and Spencer Jones (a college bat, but with some upside) are also threats. Later, keep an eye on VCU 3B Tyler Locklear and prep 2B Nick Morabito.

12. Detroit Tigers

Jace Jung, 2B, Texas Tech

The buzz here is similar as in my previous mock. I get the impression that the Tigers don’t want to take a prep arm given where they are in the competitive cycle, which is unlucky as they may well have their pick from a deep class with local prospect Brock Porter the leading option. I’m hearing them almost only on college players, and I think they’d prefer a pitcher. Connor Prielipp and Cade Horton would be the leading options here among that group.

I think there’s some interest in Jordan Beck and Gavin Cross — who is already selected in this scenario — but I think Jace Jung is the pick amongst those available here. Keep an eye on Zach Neto as a backup option.

13. Los Angeles Angels

Brandon Barriera, LHP, American Heritage HS (FL), Vanderbilt commit

This is the first place that I’m hearing a lot of Kumar Rocker buzz. Usually players don’t go to the first place you hear them rumored, and rumors are likely all we’ll get before the draft on Rocker as his camp plays it close to the vest and teams are still deciding where they stand on his medical and bonus situation. The situation has some parallels to the Angels’ 2021 pick of Sam Bachman.

After taking 20 pitchers last year, the buzz is pitching-heavy again this year, but with a couple college bats sprinkled in, I think the Angels are leaning prep pitching at their top pick and Dylan Lesko, Barriera, and Robby Snelling have been mentioned (Brock Porter less so) while Rocker and Gabriel Hughes or underslot option Justin Campbell are the college names connected. Barriera and Lesko seem to have a hot zone from here to the back of the teens. Prep RHP Eli Jerzembeck is a target for the Angels’ next pick.

14. New York Mets

Jett Williams, SS, Rockwall Heath HS (TX), Mississippi State commit

As I laid out at the Mets’ previous pick (No. 11), a combination of Justin Crawford and Williams go to New York in this scenario, with the Texas prep shortstop going off the board here.

15. San Diego Padres

Dylan Lesko, RHP, Buford HS (GA), Vanderbilt commit

The Padres historically act very bold under GM A.J. Preller in all markets and often will take the “raise or fold” approach to the draft, refusing to pay exactly the slot at their top picks. This is the most likely spot for Lesko, but is also gaining steam as a Kumar Rocker landing spot, with some small chance Rocker could be floated to the Padres’ comp pick.

The talk has been mostly tied to upside prospects here, with basically all of the first-round prep arms mentioned along with up-the-middle, plus-runner preps including Justin Crawford, Jett Williams and Cole Young. J.R. Ritchie is also a fit at San Diego’s second pick, as are two prep 80 runners: Chandler Pollard and Jeric Curtis. The Padres also may meet the price for pop-up prep RHP Gary Gill-Hill at a late pick.

16. Cleveland Guardians

Zach Neto, SS, Campbell

There are a couple possible spots for Neto in the top 10, so 16 is the lower end of his possible outcomes; I have him ranked No. 12 overall so this would be a strong pick for Cleveland. Cooper Hjerpe makes a lot of sense here given Cleveland’s pitching priorities, and I don’t think he’d last much longer than this. Odds are good that one of them gets to this pick. If the Guardians look to go with an underslot college arm, look for Jacob Campbell (smaller cut) or Thomas Harrington (larger cut).

17. Philadelphia Phillies

Drew Gilbert, CF, Tennessee

I think Philly wants Brandon Barriera here and they’ve been tied to Brock Porter and Robby Snelling, but I think it also may be reductive to assume they’d just take whichever prep pitcher gets here because they’ve found success with prep pitchers the last two years.

Gilbert has momentum into the top 20 at a number of picks in this area. I don’t have a ton of clarity here, but I’m leaning towards a position player if Barriera isn’t available. Connor Prielipp is another possibility.

18. Cincinnati Reds

Jordan Beck, RF, Tennessee

The Reds have extra picks and thus a lot of options. Beck completely fits their type (Austin Hendrick, Rece Hinds, etc.), they’ve shown interest in him here and it’s unlikely he could get to their next pick.

Cincy is on a lot of the prep pitching and I think they’d like to get Dylan Lesko down here (probably his floor) but can’t in this scenario. Prep pitching is the easiest demographic to slide down the board to overpay, so I’m assuming it’ll be a college bat here and then at least one prep pitcher in the comp round; Jacob Miller, J.R. Ritchie and Jackson Ferris may be the leading options there, but Brock Porter is another option if he can float that far. This may be a floor for Jett Williams.

19. Oakland Athletics

Cooper Hjerpe, LHP, Oregon State

I’m consistently hearing a college-heavy mix here with Hjerpe, Cade Horton, Justin Campbell, Dylan Beavers, Drew Gilbert and Daniel Susac the likely options. They’re one of the teams looking at North Carolina prep C Brooks Brannon in the second round.

20. Atlanta Braves

Justin Campbell, RHP, Oklahoma State

I’m also hearing mostly college arms here, mostly underslot, but there is a new variable with the comp pick the Braves added in the Drew Waters deal earlier in the week. There are a couple theories floating around about what was the motivation behind that trade (fans love the idea of a way-over-slot player, every single time, without exception) but if you look at the Braves’ draft history under this regime, it’s more likely based on creating flexibility than taking a giant swing.

I think it’s a college arm here, for a little to a lot under slot with Campbell, Gabriel Hughes, Cooper Hjerpe and Thomas Harrington the leading options, then either a Jacob Miller-type (or exactly him) or Cayden Wallace-type (or exactly him) at the new comp pick, then I’m hearing recent Tommy John college arms with some upside (Justin Crawford, Landon Sims, Hunter Barco, etc.) with their second-round pick. If that doesn’t work out, upside prep guys is where the money will be spent.

21. Seattle Mariners

Connor Prielipp, LHP, Alabama

This is probably the floor for Prielipp and it’s a solid match for both sides. I’ve heard mostly college bats here, as that’s what the board is giving them, including Drew Gilbert and Jacob Melton.

22. St. Louis Cardinals

Gabriel Hughes, RHP, Gonzaga

The Cardinals are hard to peg here as they’re open to most demographics of draft prospects (college or prep, hitter or position player) and all four demographics have options at this pick. The college crop is mostly what’s available here and thus what I think they’ll be choosing from (Cade Horton, Chase DeLauter, Daniel Susac), and I also think Cole Young will interest them from the prep side.

23. Toronto Blue Jays

Tucker Toman, 3B, Hammond HS (SC), LSU commit

The Blue Jays are tied mostly to bats here, with Tucker Toman and Zach Neto the two most-mentioned players — and Toman always the one most likely to get here. Justin Crawford also has some real support if he gets down here. The Jays have been tied to Florida prep 3B Cameron Smith and CF Jordan Taylor at later picks.

24. Boston Red Sox

Kumar Rocker, RHP, Tri-City (Independent)

It seems like Rocker’s range starts around 13 and ends around 40, with bigger budget contending-type teams mentioned almost exclusively. The Red Sox seem like a team that would like to prioritize building near-the-majors pitching depth and are value-focused enough to see the opportunity here. The Sox have mostly been tied to college players who maybe shouldn’t make it to this pick more than specific guys they like more than the industry, so this also fits in that regard.

I think they’re on Cade Doughty at their second pick and have been tied to prep C Brooks Brannon and CF Drew Faurot at later picks.

25. New York Yankees

Cole Young, SS, North Allegheny HS (PA), Duke commit

The Yankees are mostly tied to bats here, with Young the pick in this scenario because he’s the last available from his tier of prep bats, though I’m not sure any of them make it to this pick in reality. The board is giving the Yankees lots of college bats to choose from, and I do think this pick and the next one could both be college hitters.

Spencer Jones, Sterlin Thompson, Jordan Beck, Dylan Beavers, Tyler Locklear and Dominic Keegan are the names mentioned most often. I don’t think they make sense for 25 or 61, but there are a couple prep pitchers the Yankees like as well, with Jacob Miller the most likely fit. I’ve also heard some kicking of the tires on Rocker here.

26. Chicago White Sox

Daniel Susac, C, Arizona

Susac seems to have some support in the teens but I couldn’t find a spot for him to land, so the Sox stopped his slide here. I’d been hearing college bats mostly for the White Sox, but that may be because that’s what’s projected to be available in this area. There has also been a shift in talk recently to an underslot college arm to save money for prep upside on future picks. Keep an eye on college pitchers who are in the Nos. 35-60 area of my rankings including Jake Bennett, Peyton Pallette, Landon Sims, Jonathan Cannon and Thomas Harrington.

27. Milwaukee Brewers

Jacob Melton, CF, Oregon State

I think the Brew Crew will clean up what’s left of this tier of college bats with plenty of prospects left who seem to fit their type. Melton, Chase DeLauter, Dalton Rushing, Brock Jones and Eric Brown all seem to fit the bill. He doesn’t go in this mock, but prep C Brady Neal could be a target here or with the Brewers’ next pick to keep him from going to LSU.

28. Houston Astros

Brock Jones, CF, Stanford

I think Houston has a similar situation to Milwaukee a pick earlier, with some data-friendly college bats. The Astros may ultimately be picking from that same group of Jacob Melton, Chase DeLauter, Dalton Rushing, Brock Jones and Eric Brown. They are also kicking the tires on prep catcher Malcolm Moore. This may also be the floor for Spencer Jones, but certainly his floor is in this area.

29. Tampa Bay Rays

Robby Snelling, LHP, McQueen (NV) HS, LSU commit

I think Tampa Bay, sitting in an area with several college bats potentially available, will instead look to the prep pitching class to either take who’s falling (Robby Snelling in this situation), or maybe — due to having multiple picks — to jump the market on overslot prep arms (Jacob Miller, Owen Murphy, Brock Porter, Jackson Ferris) trying to get floated to other teams’ second picks. Brady Neal could be a target here or in the second round to keep him from going to LSU. Same goes for Henry Bolte.

30. San Francisco Giants

Dylan Beavers, RF, Cal

I’m hearing a lot of college bats mentioned here as well, so whichever makes it through the previous few picks will probably get scooped up by the Giants.

Compensation picks

31. Colorado Rockies – Spencer Jones, RF, Vanderbilt

32. Cincinnati Reds – Sterlin Thompson, RF, Florida

Competitive balance round A

33. Baltimore Orioles – Peyton Graham, SS, Oklahoma

34. Arizona Diamondbacks – Dalton Rushing, C, Louisville

35. Atlanta Braves – Jacob Miller, RHP, Liberty Union HS (OH), Louisville commit

36. Pittsburgh Pirates – Chase DeLauter, RF, James Madison

37. Cleveland Guardians – Jackson Ferris, LHP, IMG Academy HS (FL), Ole Miss commit

38. Colorado Rockies – Cayden Wallace, 3B, Arkansas

39. San Diego Padres – Carson Whisenhunt, LHP, East Carolina

40. Los Angeles Dodgers – Eric Brown, SS, Coastal Carolina

(The Dodgers’ first pick drops 10 spots, from 30 to 40, due to exceeding the competitive balance tax threshold.)

The hot rumor here is fire-balling JC righty Jacob Misiorowski for a little underslot to set up some later spending. The Dodgers like prep Malcolm Moore, who is a big threat to go to Stanford, if they’re looking at an above-slot option. Brown fits their development philosophy too well to pass up here. Judging by past pitcher selections, Owen Murphy and Peyton Pallette also make a ton of sense while Mikey Romero really fits their hitter profile as well.

41. Boston Red Sox – Roman Anthony, RF, Stoneman Douglas HS (FL), Ole Miss commit

(Compensation for unsigned 2021 second-round pick Jud Fabian.)

42. Baltimore Orioles – Owen Murphy, RHP, Riverside Brookfield HS (IL), Notre Dame commit

43. Arizona Diamondbacks – Peyton Pallette, RHP, Arkansas

44. Pittsburgh Pirates – Brock Porter, RHP, St. Mary’s HS (MI), Clemson commit

45. Washington Nationals – Blade Tidwell, RHP, Tennessee

46. Miami Marlins – Landon Sims, RHP, Mississippi State

47. Chicago Cubs – Thomas Harrington, RHP, Campbell

48. Minnesota Twins – Drew Thorpe, RHP, Cal Poly

49. Kansas City Royals – Nick Morabito, 2B, Gonzaga College HS (VA), Virginia Tech commit

50. Colorado Rockies – Jake Bennett, LHP, Oklahoma

51. Detroit Tigers – J.R. Ritchie, RHP, Bainbridge HS (WA), UCLA commit

52. New York Mets – Tyler Locklear, 3B, VCU

53. San Diego Padres – Mikey Romero, SS, Orange Lutheran HS (CA), LSU commit

54. Cleveland Guardians – Max Wagner, 3B, Clemson

55. Cincinnati Reds – Jud Fabian, CF, Florida

56. Oakland Athletics – Parker Messick, LHP, Florida State

57. Atlanta Braves – Reggie Crawford, LHP, UConn

58. Seattle Mariners – Jonathan Cannon, RHP, Georgia

59. St. Louis Cardinals – Walter Ford, RHP, Pace HS (FL), Alabama commit

60. Toronto Blue Jays – Cameron Smith, 3B, Palm Beach Central HS (FL), Florida State commit

61. New York Yankees – Dominic Keegan, C, Vanderbilt

62. Chicago White Sox – Jackson Cox, RHP, Toutle Lake HS (WA), Oregon commit

63. Milwaukee Brewers – Ryan Cermak, CF, Illinois State

64. Houston Astros – Cade Doughty, 3B, LSU

65. Tampa Bay Rays – Jake Misiorowski, RHP, Crowder JC (MO), LSU commit

66. San Francisco Giants – Brycen Mautz, LHP, San Diego

67. Baltimore Orioles – Henry Bolte, CF, Palo Alto HS (CA), Texas commit

68. Minnesota Twins – Tanner Schobel, SS, Virginia Tech

69. Oakland Athletics – Brooks Brannon, C, Randleman HS (NC), North Carolina commit

70. Tampa Bay Rays – Chandler Simpson, 2B, Georgia Tech

71. Tampa Bay Rays – Brandon Sproat, RHP, Florida

72. Milwaukee Brewers – Hunter Barco, LHP, Florida

73. Cincinnati Reds – Nolan McLean, RHP, Oklahoma State

74. Seattle Mariners – Trey Lipscomb, 3B, Tennessee

75. New York Mets – Gavin Turley, CF, Hamilton HS (AZ), Oregon State commit

76. Atlanta Braves – Josh Kasevich, SS, Oregon

77. Toronto Blue Jays – Jacob Zibin, RHP, TNXL Academy HS (FL), South Carolina commit

78. Toronto Blue Jays – Ben Joyce, RHP, Tennessee

79. Boston Red Sox – Ivan Melendez, 1B, Texas

80. Houston Astros – Maximus Martin, SS, Moorestown HS (NJ), Rutgers commit

Some college players that got squeezed off the end of this mock but easily could’ve been included:

Adam Mazur, RHP, Iowa

Jimmy Crooks, C, Oklahoma

Joe Lampe, CF, Arizona State

Robert Moore, 2B, Arkansas

Logan Tanner, C, Mississippi State

Trey Dombroski, LHP, Monmouth

High school players that fit in the top 80 picks on talent but didn’t make this mock because 1) I just ran out of spots or 2) there’s some level of concern about their ability to sign or 3) I think they’ll just get paid at a later pick:

Noah Schultz, LHP, Vanderbilt commit

Karson Milbrandt, RHP, Vanderbilt commit

Sal Stewart, 3B, Vanderbilt commit

Jaden Noot, RHP, LSU commit

Chase Shores, RHP, LSU commit

Brady Neal, C, LSU commit

Cole Phillips, RHP, Arkansas commit

Tristan Smith, LHP, Clemson commit

Sam Horn, RHP, Missouri commit

Malcolm Moore, C, Stanford commit

Xavier Isaac, 1B, Florida commit

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